Large Navagraha Gemstone Ring Made in Sterling Silver

Large Navagraha Gemstone Ring Made in Sterling Silver

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This navagraha gemstone ring means rantas or nine gems. This magnificent ring is crafted with navagraha stones that represent status and wealth. The nine gems that have a cultural significance including Yellow Sapphire, Cat’s eye, Blue Sapphire, Gomedagm or Hessonite, Red Coral,  Pearl, Diamond, Emerald and Ruby.


The Yellow Sapphire is in greenish-yellow to orangy yellow hues. This gemstone is associated with divine power and grace. This gemstone is ruled by planet Jupiter as Jupiter rules wealth,  justice,  religion, pilgrimage, and religion.


The Cat’s eye is also known as cymophane as it displays the luscious opalescence or chatoyancy that represents the cat's eye. This gemstone enhances intuition and stimulates awareness. It symbolizes good fortune and luck. 

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Blue Sapphire gemstone is associated with the Saturn planet and represents celestial hope and faith. It is believed that Blue Sapphire has the properties of good fortune, protection, and spiritual insight. Whereas the Gomedagm is associated with the Rahu planet and is also known as Hessonite stone. The  Hessonite gemstone protects the owner and eliminates negative energy or vibes.


Red Coral gemstone is associated with Mars planet as it is a symbol of wisdom, immortality, and happiness. The Pearl gemstone planet is Moon as it gives protection and offers good wealth and luck. The diamond is the emblem of perfection and purity and is associated with the Venus planet.


The emerald gemstone's planet is Mercury and it symbolizes wisdom, love, and spiritual awareness. The Egyptians believed that this precious gemstone is the eternal life source. Ruby is associated with the most powerful planet name sun. It represents passion and purity. Navaratna with the nine powerful spiritual significance gemstones promotes good health, enhances professional growth and financial prosperity.

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