Rudraksha Mala (Rosary) with 108 Beads for Chanting

Rudraksha Mala (Rosary) with 108 Beads for Chanting

Rudraksh is dried seed of a tree that usually grows at certain altitudes in the mountains- specifically in the Himalayan region. The word Rudraksh is formed by the combination of two words ‘Rudra’ means ‘Lord Shiv’ and ‘Aksha’ means ‘tears’. Rudraksha beads are considered as tears of lord Shiva. They are helpful in balancing the mind, create the right environs for meditation, relieves stress and evokes powerful vibrations that protect us from the negative influences.

Exotic India performs sacred duty by presenting a Rudraksha mala which has 108 beads plus one, the Bindu or Guru bead around which the other 108 beads are strung. The Bindu or Guru bead is a must in the mala otherwise the energy becomes cyclical and can adversely affect the sensitive people. The size of each bead is 10mm approximately, length of the mala is 42 inch and the total weight of the mala is 53 gm. Each bead has been carefully selected and strung with great precision so that there shouldn’t be undue pressure on the bead. Even the quality has been repeatedly checked and consecrated. A mala can be used for counting mantras.

The mala can be worn all the time as it lowers down the blood pressure and calms down the nervous system. Its curative properties have been widely used to heal various ailments related to physical, mental or psychosomatic illnesses. It can also be worn for general wellbeing and good health.

Item Code: JYK91
42 inch Length
10 mm avg. Beads Size
50 gm
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