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Small Butterfly Pendant

Small Butterfly Pendant
Our numerous collections are the masterful accolade which intersections the olden generational charms with the new-age designs. Enjoy your life with the Small Butterfly Pendant today. As the name implies, it is as light as a butterfly! This little Butterfly Pendant could serve more purpose than it seems. What's more? Our artists make the most beautiful of all pendants! Get also some of the most exciting offers, discounts, and deals on any selected pieces of the pendant!

The Pendent is very portable and featherweight for your comfort. The material for making it is very durable since it is of high-classed silver metal. The beauty of a butterfly whose semblance it carries makes it a unique representation of nature. Some might take it to signify reproduction and fertility as per the activities of a butterfly as a farmer-friendly insect. Create a peaceful serene in your home today by getting this item of procreation and natural beauty in one. The artists had everything about nature in mind as they were decorating this butterfly in a pendant!

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Ships in 1-3 days
Item Code: GJ89
Sterling Silver Pendant
0.5 inch Height
0.6 inch Width
0.6 gms

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