Chaturbhujadhari Lord Ganesha, Seated Under The Dusk

Chaturbhujadhari Lord Ganesha, Seated Under The Dusk

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The pattachitra of Orissa is a folk-art variety of Indian miniature paintings. While ‘chitra’ is the vernacular word for ‘image’, ‘patta’ is the word for an especial type of canvas that characterises these works. They are fashioned from fabric and treated with a highly specific organic solution in order to achieve the desired texture. The same is then painted on with mineral-based pigments, employing a skill that has been handed down in artisan families across generations.

The one you see on this page depicts a fair and stately Lord Ganesha. He is seated in lalitasana on a double lotus pedestal, His vahana the mouse gently grazing the resting knee. In His posteriormost hands He cradles a mustard snake whose long, slender body forms an arch above His head. Another of its kind holds His protruding tummy in place, in keeping with His traditional iconography. Note the raised trunks that emerge on either side from the base of His gold crown.

The altar painted around the central figure has been finished with perfect symmetry and attention to detail. The pillars are decorated with lotus-petal motifs, the arch above them with vines of varying form and colour. Note how the black background of the composition sets off the fine complexion of the son of Shiva in the foreground.

Item Code: PF87
Paata Painting on Tussar Silk Fabric
Folk Art from the Temple Town of Puri (Orissa)
Artist Rabi Behera
16.0 inches x 21.0 inches
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