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This painting is a perfect blend of master strokes and fine artistry as it encapsulates a. sienna complexioned man, charmed with big round eyes and perfectly curved natural eyebrows that compliment his Greek nose, his deep nasobial fold and a thin handlebar moustache which is carved over his countenance in contrast to his ballet slipper pink puckered lips, plays a large vintage drum adorned with an animal skinned drumhead and emblazoned with a creased lemonade pink sheet that decorates its metal shell which is tied around the instrument with bleach white ropes extending as a strap towards the drummer's bronze coloured neck.

His strong muscles tighten as his biceps stretch beside the majestic implement. His tanned body is appareled in a short pleated snow white dhoti and a large wrinkled beige cloth that envelops over his crotch as a pale smoky white Saurashtra turban sets over his wide head. This mesmerising watercolour poses as a memorandum of the hard life of a breadwinner who works day and night for a sheet of currency only to fill the stomach of his family. It is a package of motivation for those working hard and a reminder of the origin for those who have passed this difficulty.

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Item Code: MF77
Miniature Painting On Paper
4.0 inches x 6.0 inches
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