Eighteen-Armed Goddess Durga Killing Mahishasura

Eighteen-Armed Goddess Durga Killing Mahishasura

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Mithila Art, popularly known as Madhubani art, is a genre of East Indian art from the Mithila regions of the state of Bihar. This is an ancient art that has its links with the period of Ramayana. It is said that Madhubani Painting was first adopted by the court artists of King Janak of Videha, for the matrimonial ceremony of Janak's daughter Sita to Lord Ram. Since then, this art has become a domestic art form of rural India. Madhubani paintings are mainly created by the women in the Mithila area. Madhubani artists cover a wide variety of subjects, from regular rural lifestyle to the mythical.

This beautiful Madhubani painting depicts the Eighteen-Armed Goddess Durga while Killing Mahishasura. This beautiful painting done on handmade paper treated with cow-dung depicts the classical scene from Hindu mythology, where the most venerable Maa Durga, the Universal Mother, and the incarnation of Ma Parvati killed the demon Mahishasura and won the battle against evil. Mahishasura was a king who had a head of a buffalo. The beheading of the demon in the painting denotes the removal of the demonic traits from the human, thus making him Divine. Goddess Durga is carrying different weapons in her hands, like sword, mace, trident, spear, discus, bow and arrows, axe, etc. Besides, Goddess can be seen carrying lotus, conch, snake, and in one of her hands Goddess Durga is holding demon king Mahishasura’s head.

The ferocious lion in the painting is Goddess Durga’s vehicle. The eighteen-armed goddess Durga symbolizes all that this world needs to defeat evil. This painting is made with all natural colors. The tools that are used to make this beautiful artwork include, pen-nib, fingers, matchsticks etc. This beautiful painting can be distinguished for its instinctive tribal touché, and earthy tones which are used throughout the painting. The beautiful colors used in the painting are made of organic and naturally existing minerals. That is the reason it looks so vibrant and unique.

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Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper Treated with Cow Dung
Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)
Artist:Sangita Devi
20.5 inch X 28.5 inch
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