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A Guarded Romance in the Shamiana

A Guarded Romance in the Shamiana
Item Code: MH41
Watercolor on Paper
Artist: Navneet Parikh
10.5" X 13.8"
Mughal miniatures are known for their minute detailed work and the gem-like brilliant colours. They project love and romance in perhaps the best way possible. In this miniature, there is a splendid combination of all three and much more.

The role of the 'sakhi' has been often stressed upon in literature and in painting. The nayika has a friend who helps her in meeting her lover, or acts as a go-between the two but she is important to the composition. Here too, she stands guard at the gate of an opulent tent. The grandeur of the tent is reflected by its various sections and enclosures, as much as by the richness of the texture. Within its confines sit the loving couple. The wine casket and cups lie discarded near them. They gaze into each other's eyes, conveying their mutual lover. She of slender figure and delicate features is adorned in exquisite ornaments. Her lover wears layers of clothing and multiple strands of pearls on his neck.

The artist gives little space to the green foreground or the blue sky. He divides the sections of the tent through colour distinctions.

This description is by Renu Rana

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