Krishna's Farewell in Vrindavana as He is Departing to Mathura (Border Showing Krishna Lilas)

Krishna's Farewell in Vrindavana as He is Departing to Mathura (Border Showing Krishna Lilas)

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Bordered with alluring flower and leaf illustrations along with the scenes depicting the different lilas of Bhagawan Shri Krishna (The Blue Lord), this painting is a magnificent combination of culture, love and beauty. It provides a cool and pleasant effect to the eyes of the viewer as it is comprised of vibrant use of colours in perfect amalgamation. Besides the decorative representation, this art makes us remember the sad moment mentioned in Shrimad Bhagawat’s tenth canto in which Akrura (the chief of the yadavas and a descendant of the Vrishni Kula) came to Vrindavan to take the two brothers, Krishna and Balaram as ordered by King Kansa at the Dhanush Yagya event in Mathura. Nobody can reach the stage of love achieved by gopis for their beloved Shri Krishna. Only by the grace of Shri Radha rani and serving the spiritual master by following their instructions one can imagine to have that feeling of love for God.

Here in the middle, Shri Krishna is trying to climb up the chariot but flags of divine love, gopis are not letting their beloved go to Mathura. Shri Radha Rani ji is joining her palms as she pleases Krishna to not go out of Vrindavan. All the gopis have decorated themselves for the sake of Krishna and presenting their love for him as, all are wearing the traditional lehenga choli along with vivid ornaments. Shri Radha is in her favourite divine blue saree and Krishna is in his usual stunning pitambar, vaijyanti mala, necklaces, bajuband and golden crown adorned with the bunch of majestic feathers of the peacocks of Vrindavan.

In the love of Gopinath, even the trees, the govardhan mountain, the sky of vrindavan, the flowers and the weather along with the peacocks, parrots and Yamuna river are also seen urging Krishna for not going out of Vrindavan as per the depiction. Some Gopis behind are singing songs as an expression of love, one is fainted, another is aiding her, some are trying to stop the horses of the chariot, some do not want to see this heartbreaking moment so just to control themselves they are standing far away on the banks of Yamuna river. Along with trying to stop Krishna they all are also remembering the pastimes, Krishna has shared with them which are bordered around the farewell scene and within the flowers and leaf illustrations such as, Shri Vasudev brings Krishna to gokul, releases Nalkuvar and Manigriva (kuber’s son) from the boon of Narada, Krishna having lunch with the cowherd friends, killing the demons such as ‘Bakasura’ and ‘Shaktasur’, makhanchori lila, playing rasa, lifting Govardhana and many other pastimes Krishna has performed in Vrindavan. Hence, this great Rajasthani Pichwai illustration done on cotton fabric showcases Krishna and his best times of livelihood.

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Water Color Painting On Cotton Fabric
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