Life of Shri Krishna

Life of Shri Krishna

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A Pattachitra art is a traditional art form from Orissa depicting scenes and episodes from Hindu mythology especially those related to Lord Jagannath or various other facets of the Vaishnava cult. This popular art form trends even in the contemporary era and is often characterized by its cotton cloth canvas and use of bright colors derived naturally. But now, painters have developed modern mechanisms and ways to paint this similar beauty in less time-consuming ways. One that you see on this page is a marvellous depiction of Lord Krishna’s divine life.

The entire painting is divided in multiple sections and layers and represents the remarkable instances of Lord Krishna’s life when he was a kid to his grown-up age. Not leaving any space behind, Rabi Behera has effectively and efficiently utilized every inch of space by filling it with colorful pattern of flowers and green leaves. Zoom in to the painting and appreciate the perfection with which the artist has made his brush strokes, forming every figure with realistic expressions and all garbed in bright colored silks of royalty and beauty. The central rectangular bar is partitioned into three parts depicting Lord Krishna’s leelas on either side in the flower patterns, while the central image is that of the auspicious wedding of Lord Krishna and Rukmini.

This pattachitra is framed in a sleek floral border and the use of bright color palette attracts the viewers as it enhances every minutest feature of the painting when hung on some empty wall. The precision of strokes and the usage of colors make this Orissa folk art a masterpiece of its type.                 

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Item Code: PZ83
Watercolor on Patti
Artist Rabi Behera
48.5 inches x 95.5 inches
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