Lord Krishna With Radha And Eight Milkmaids

Lord Krishna With Radha And Eight Milkmaids

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A bitone Krishnaleela composition. Hours after dusk, Lord Krishna is found under a wide-canopied kadamba tree, where the glade is teeming with the milkmaids from Vrindavan (popularly called gopis). They are His most ardent lovers and admirers, so surrendered to Him that the time of day matters not in their devotion. At the centre of them all, right next to Him, is His beloved Radha. With each gopi more beauteous and more loving than the other, everything about this folk painting makes a romantic statement.

The dense black hue of the nightsky in the background has overtones of a dark coppery blue. A series of seven curvaceous figures are etched against the same in miniscule, precisely executed lines. The remaining three figures are predominantly in the foreground. Four of the milkmaids are seated, while the rest are all standing. Each of the ladies are turned in tender supplication towards their Lord, whilst He gazes with profound adoration at Radha.

Pattachitra of Puri is known for its finesse and the Vaishnava theme that pervades the genre. It is characterised by a skilful employment of colour on a locally produced canvas called patta (‘chitra’ is the Sanskrt word for image). From the flowering shrubs that grow amidst the grass to the flower-laden vine that skirts the composition, such a work of art would be a romantic addition to the decor of your space.

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Item Code: PY19
Water Color Painting on Patti, Folk Art From The Temple Town Puri (Orissa)
Artist: Rabi Behra
9.0 inch X 11.0 inch
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