Rama Durbar

Rama Durbar


This water color art is a remarkable piece rendered using characteristic Kangra art in iconography, body complexion, style of costumes, type of crown and jewellery; focusing on the minute details and the side profile of every character. This miniature depicts Lord Rama’s durbar with the almighty Rama himself sharing space with his beloved Sita, on a lavishly decorated large chowki and supported by a large blue hued booster behind them. Kailash Raj has very brightly and elegantly depicted the interplay of colors and minute details, with the deep orange wall in the background covered from sides by the traditional white pillars and a temple frame. Orange color holds a great significance in Hinduism as it represents fire, that can burn away the impurities.

Lord Rama and Sita are clothed in divinely colored attires of yellow and orange respectively and Rama holds his iconic bow and arrow in his hand. Lord Hanuman, their greatest bhakt, can be seen as paying obeisance to them; attired in a splendid green striped short dhoti and a red kamarband. Lakshman (the one in centre, attired in red), Bharata and Shatrughan (either of the two sides) stand behind the Lords, fanning them, as a gesture of their respect and gratitude. The black bear standing behind Lord Hanuman is Jambavana, who was created by Brahma and next to him in white is Sugreeva; they assisted Rama in his struggle to fight against Ravana.

The painter has laiden a soothing white carpet on the floor, having motifs of light blue and purple flowers and green leaves spread across generating vibes of purity, which compliment beautifully with the golden zari throne of Rama and Sita, covered by a heavy blue platform decorated with ethnic golden patterns. Have a look at the parasol which glorifies their persona, is painted with white moti strings hanging at the circumference and horizontal layers of zari and red and green stones.

Item Code: HQ03
Watercolor on Paper
Artist Kailash Raj
13 inches x 9 inches
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