The Royal Celebration

The Royal Celebration

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Framed in a traditional dark gold border of contrasting flower motifs, the painter intends to portray a loving connection of the royalties in lieu of their celebration of Diwali. It is one of the most popular Hindu festivals that marks the arrival of new beginnings, happiness, love, light and unity; carrying on with this thought, Navneet Parikh depicts the king settled on his royal throne in his vast royal kingdom and his dasi serving him; while the queen accompanied with the best of her two dasis visits her lover, curious to celebrate this festival of lights with him and show a path of new hopes and brightness to their love.

The queen’s dasis, garbed in sober traditional attires, carry a tray of crackers and feel joyous about the ecstatic love and romance between the elites. One may notice the beautiful portrayal of sparkles in the dark sky and the sparklers held by king and queen; it seems as if the constant eye contact between the two has aroused rays of love, as can be visible from the showers of intimacy from his highness’ sparkler on that of his lover’s, that together unite on the tray kept on the ground.

The painter has thoughtfully used the concept of a dark background as it further enhances the rich attires of the royalties garbed on their bright plumage. The very aspect of this painting takes us back down the memory lane of true and hypnotized love being expressed by that connection of eyes while in their royal celebration.

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Item Code: HF29
Watercolor on Paper
Artist: Navneet Parikh
13.5 inch X 10.5 inch
Festivals and celebrations are an important part of Indian culture. The royals and the common man alike celebrate them. They are said to bring joy to an otherwise mundane life.

On the terrace of the royal household, sits the prince on a majestic high chair. An inconspicuously placed lamp placed on the lower left corner symbolizes the festival of light. The prince is dressed in a long jama, topped by a short-sleeved jacket. The ornamental turban does not rise vertically; instead, it is more towards the back. He holds a long stick of fireworks. A maid-in-waiting stands behind him with a flywhisk. The lady companions of the prince are finely dressed and richly ornamented. The artist has displayed brisk movement by their gestures and limb placement. One of the ladies is enjoying lighting up a firework stick with the prince; another is carrying a tray with similar crackers in it.

The background is dull and dark, as this festival falls on a moonless night. The artist makes no effort to sprinkle the dark sky with bright fireworks. The rest of the palette contains reds, yellows and greens, but subdued to a large extent.

This description by Renu Rana.

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