Shiva the Archer on Nandi

Shiva the Archer on Nandi

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This is a glorious watercolour composition on paper which depicts Lord Shiva’s lila (Activity of the divine) in which he is seen riding his personal vehicle Nandi, the Bull. He has just shot an arrow from his sacred bow ‘Pinaka’ as shown here. Both Shiva and the Bull Nandi looks courageous and passionate as Lord Shiva has been portrayed as a warrior here as he is in an action mode and it is very much difficult to display such expressions on the paintings. Shiva in his transcendental form wears tiger skin and Rudraksh necklaces along with brown bangles and the crescent moon on the jata adds highlight to this masterpiece.

Shiva has a sweet smile on his face while his ride is seriously engaged in the service of his Swami. He is postured on the bull’s back in a squatting position keeping a quiver at the side and his ox has adorned a stunning green cloth. The red background symbolises the terrific theme of the painting.

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Item Code: HF05
Watercolor on Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
7.0" X 9.5"

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