Shiva Cheats Parvati in the Game of Dice

Shiva Cheats Parvati in the Game of Dice

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Miniature Painting On Paper
Basohli School
8.0" x 4.0"
This painting illustrates a charged moment in the game of dice that Shiva and Parvati are engaged in. Shiva is unable to reconcile to the fact that he has lost the game and agitation is writ large on his face. He steals Parvati's necklace that she had staked on the throw. Incensed at his unreasonableness, Parvati shows her disapproval through her upraised arm, and stares wide-eyed at her husband. In a symbolic manner the tree at her back shelters her, signifying that nature favors Parvati in her tussle with the Great Lord Shiva.

The dominating color of the composition is yellow, a rich hue of which forms the principal shade of the flat background. A lighter tone of the same color characterizes the tiger skin on which the couple are seated jointly. Shiva's ashen-white and Parvati's rich red are other strong areas of color in the composition. Especially noteworthy are the finely delineated tiger claws.

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