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Shivaparivar Housed In A Temple Of Gold

Shivaparivar Housed In A Temple Of Gold
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A composite painting of Shaiva-Vaishnava significance. Lord Rama and His brother Laxmana traverse through the wilderness of Dandaka, dressed in rudimentary clothing, their trishoolas (tridents) in their hands. The devoted Lord Hanuman, helping them in their search for Devi Seeta, has paced ahead of them and paused at a temple in the glade. Within the same is housed the divine couple, Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati, afore whom kneels Lord Hanuman. Note the unusually Shaivite appearance that Hanuman has been given in this vibrant, eclectic composition.

The ruling deities of paraloka (otherworldly realm of existence) are seated on a green velvet couch. He is chaturbhujadhari (possessed of four arms) with the damroo and the trishoola in the posterior hands, while She is dvibhujadhari (two-armed) and holds up a lotus in one hand. This is in keeping with their traditional iconographies. In stark contrast to His austere appearance, dressed as He is in a tigerskin loincoth and rudrakshas aplenty, Her red silks and jewels are symbolic of their otherworldly glory.

The graceful Nandi kneels on the other side of the altar (the two bhaktas are making eye contact with each other). The richly carved wooden pillars of the temple hold up a glamorous set of domes. The flower laden canopy grazes its zenith. Snow-coated peaks into the distance, and miles upon miles of verdure. It is almost as if the temple has sprung up on the spot as if by magic, just so that the Lord may consecrate the brothers’ efforts.

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Item Code: OT48
Oil Painting on Canvas
48 inch X 35 inch

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