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Paintings > Tantra > Yantra > Shri Sampurna Vyapaar Vriddhi Yantram (Yantra for Success in Business and Trade)
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Shri Sampurna Vyapaar Vriddhi Yantram (Yantra for Success in Business and Trade)

Shri Sampurna Vyapaar Vriddhi Yantram (Yantra for Success in Business and Trade)

Shri Sampurna Vyapaar Vriddhi Yantram (Yantra for Success in Business and Trade)

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7.8 inches X 7.8 inches
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Shri Sampurna Vyapaar Vriddhi Yantram (Yantra for Success in Business and Trade)

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This Sampoorna Vyapara Vraddhi Yantra, a fully accomplished mystic instrument helping business promotion, is a mystic body composed of numerous yantras. A cumulative body, it not only assimilates into a single instrument so many yantras and their minute details, all discovered in very fine lines in reverse against a brilliant gold surface, but also various kinds of mystic influences – protective and promoting, each casting its influence independently, as also conjointly for achieving a larger goal.

This mystic instrument has been designed to work at three different levels : (1) with Vyapara Vraddhi Yantra in the centre and other yantras supporting it from around the promotion of business is its cumulative effect; (2) every yantra, assimilated in the instrument, casts independent of the other the influence it has been conceived for; and (3) yantras, assimilated in sub-groups, such as Navagraha Yantras, that is, the magic squares of nine planets, four yantras comprising Shri Sampoorna Mahalakshmi Yantra, and the group of two yantras and one magic square of Shri Lakshmi-Ganesh Yantra, magnify to an optimum the influence they were designed to individually cast.

A group of two yantras and another two magic squares, comprising the Vyapara Vraddhi Yantra, enshrines the central square of the Shri Sampoorna Vyapara Vraddhi Yantra. The yantra with the word ‘Shubha’ – auspicious, inscribed over it, comprises three concentric circles, the outer one consisting of twelve lotus-petals, the middle, of eight, and the inner-most enshrines two triangles : one inverted, and the other, upright, manifesting the union of female and male principles which Shakti and Shiva, the supreme god of auspiciousness, represent. The numbers ‘twenty’ representing completeness, success, cosmic wisdom auspiciousness and renewal, and ‘twelve’ representing sacrifice and immortality are as much significant. ‘Twelve’ is denotative also of the twelve deities of the cycle of twelve years.

The other yantra, defined by the word ‘labha’ – profit, consists of two triangles, one inverted and other upright, defining union of female and male principles. It has eight lotus-petals ringing around. This ‘eight’, an ever integer, assures perfection, good fortune, balance between negative and positive, and stands for motherhood, that is, fertility and upbringing. One of the two magic squares consisting of nine compartments is the yantra of Sun with its western arm rotated to north. The other with sixteen cubes discovers the mystic impact and inherent power of various numbers, especially the mystic number 7 repeated nine times in the graphic.

Besides the three groups of yantras, namely, the Navagraha Yantra, Shri Sampoorna Mahalakshmi Yantra and Shri Lakshmi-Ganesh Yantra, other yantras that this Shri Sampoorna Vyapara Vraddhi Yantra includes are Shri Shri Yantra, Shri Gita Yantra, Kanaka-dhara Yantra, Kuber Yantra, Matsya Yantra, Shri Vasyakara Yantra, Shri Durga Bisa Yantra, Vastu Dosha Nivarana Yantra, and Shri Bagalamukhi Yantra. The Navagraha Yantra, on the top left corner, is a sub-group of nine magic squares dedicated to nine planets, namely, Surya – Sun, Chandra – Moon, Mangala – Mars, Budha – Mercury, Shukra – Venus, Guru – Jupiter, Shani – Saturn, Ketu and Rahu.

Shri Sampoorna Mahalakshmi Yantra, second from the top right, is a sub-group of four yantras, which have been included in this instrument independently also; these are Ganesh or Ganapati Yantra, Shri Shri Yantra, Kuber Yantra and Kanaka-dhara Yantra. Shri Shri Yantra has been repeated also in Shri Lakshmi-Ganesh Yantra as one of its components, the other being Ganesh Yantra. It also includes the yantra of Sun, the magic square. Such repetition seeks magnification of the mystic power of these yantras. As in endeavours related to worldly gains, such as business, Shri Shri Yantra is the most relevant mystic instrument, and Sun, the most effective planet, they have been thrice reproduced. Ganesh Yantra, Kuber Yantra and Kanaka-dhara Yantra are other yantras directly linked with prospects in business and worldly life, and hence, they too are repeated, though only twice.

Among other yantras included in Shri Sampoorna Vyapara Vraddhi Yantra Shri Shri Yantra and Kanaka-dhara Yantra are dedicated to Shri or Lakshmi, the goddess of riches, prosperity, fertility and growth, and two other, to her consort Vishnu – Matsya Yantra, dedicated his Fish incarnation, and Shri Gita Yantra, dedicated to his incarnation as Vasudeva Krishna. These Shri and Vishnu yantras assure prosperity, growth in business and success in every aspect of life. Kuber Yantra sustains and perpetuates the gains with which the yantras of Shri and Vishnu bless. Ganesh Yantra assures not merely a detriment-free beginning but also perpetual freedom from every kind of discordant and trouble-breeding elements. Durga, as also her manifestation Bagalamukhi, are always the protectors against ills, evils and enemies. The Shri Vasyakara Yantra is the most effective instrument that helps fascinate others, provides with a honeyed tongue, enchanting diction and sweet manners, and destroys such powers of the opponent. And finally, the yantra of Brahma, Vastu Dosha Nivarana Yantra, lends a divine hand to everything created, a thing or an idea.

This description by Prof. P.C. Jain and Dr. Daljeet. Prof. Jain specializes on the aesthetics of literature and is the author of numerous books on Indian art and culture. Dr. Daljeet is the curator of the Miniature Painting Gallery, National Museum, New Delhi. They have both collaborated together on a number of books.

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Thank you for existing and sharing India's wonderful heritage and legacy to the world.
Angela, UK
Dear sir/sirs, Thanks a million for the two books I ordered on your website. I have got both of them and they are very much helpful for my paper writing.
Sprinna, China
Exotic India has excellent and speedy service.
M Sherman, USA
Your selection of books is impressive and unique in USA. Thank you.
Jaganath, USA
Exotic India has the best selection of Hindu/Buddhist Gods and Goddesses in sculptures and books of anywhere I know.
Michael, USA
Namaste, I received my package today. My compliments for your prompt delivery. The skirts I ordered are absolutely beautiful! Excellent tailoring and the fit is great. I will be ordering from you again. Best Regards.
I’ve received the package 2 days ago. The painting is as beautiful as I whished! I’m very interesting in history, art and culture of India and I’m studing his civilization; so I’ve visited Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Kerala in theese years. I’m a draftwoman , so I like collect works of extraordinary arts and crafts of villages, that must be protected and helped. In a short time I’ll buy some others folk painting, as Madhubani , Kalamkari and – if it’s possible – Phad. In the meanwhile, I’m very happy to have in my home a work of your great artist. Namaste, Namaskara.
Laura, Italy.
I must compliment you on timely delivery for this order. I was very impressed. Consequently, I have just placed another large order of beads and look forward to receiving these on time as well.
Charis, India
Bonjour, je viens de recevoir ma statue tête de Bouddha en cuivre. elle est magnifique et correspond exactement à la photo. Emballage très épais et protecteur, arrivé intact. Délai de livraison de 8 jours, parfait. Votre service commercial est très réactif et courtois. Je suis donc très satisfait et je tiens à le dire. Merci.
Yves, France
I was thrilled with the Tribal Treasure Box. Your customer service is outstanding. Shopping with you is like being back in India.
Yvonne, USA
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