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Standing Buddha, In Seedless Calm

Standing Buddha, In Seedless Calm
Seemingly simplistic, batik is an ancient form of painting that involves a complex process. The first level of complexity starts with the fabric canvas, which is very difficult to work with. Secondly, the pigmented wax medium is a stubborn one. Finally, mastering the resist-dyeing method takes years of highly focussed skill. This form of Indian folk art is practised in the not-so-urban centres where families have the leisure, and intrinsic bent of mind, to practise their art across generations.

The one you see on this page keeps to the traditional spiritual themes of batik art. It depicts the Buddha standing, which in itself is unconventional. His feet are on the gigantic pistil of a pink lotus, and behind Him is a white minimalistic aureole. He is clad in red translucent robes, beneath which one could make out the skilfully done outline of His divine form. His face is marked by a composure of seedless calm, as could be gleaned from the half-shut eyes and the mouth that could only be described as shithil.

What makes this such a captivating work of art is the background. Powerful splotches of colour fill the canvas around the aureole. The foreground is a rich red colour that complements the green and the fire of the background. There seems to be a world of rajas in these colours, which contrasts sharply with the sattva of the Buddha’s presence.

Item Code: BL66
Batik Painting On Cotton
26 inch x 44 inch

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