Tibetan Buddhist Deity Amitabha Buddha

Tibetan Buddhist Deity Amitabha Buddha

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Amitabha’s name has a poetic meaning, Infinite Light. In many cases he is also revered as the Buddha of Immeasurable Light and Life, making him popular among believers praying for longevity. This merit of seeming permanence is believed to have come from good deeds he has done in all his past lives and as a bodhisattva (a person on the way to Buddhahood). At first look, and even while looking at this thangka, he is said to be the most similar to Buddha Shakyamuni. Amitabha has 84,000 marks, virtues, and aspects, and a few of those are depicted in this thangka.

His red skin is said to be associated with the hrih, or red seed, according to Vajrayana. In turn, the colors used in this thangka complemented and brought out the red tones of his body by accenting the other elements with warm yellow tones on the throne and the clouds. Red is also a warm color of compassion. His halo is colored with teal, red, and touches of blue. Amitabha is also decked in an opulent manner, with jewels as accessories. His ears are elongated as a sign of hearing the sound of the world as well as enlightened wisdom. Meanwhile, the flowers and the lotus also follow the colorway of his skin and clothing making the whole thangka appear to be teeming with life and vibrancy. The painting also shows Amitabha in a diamond seating position hands in meditation mudra. A quick zoom near his hands shows what looks to be a begging bowl, consistent with his iconography which shows a begging bowl as one filled with immortal nectar. His throne is of lotus petals and his crown is of a five-pointed style, signaling Amitabha as the head of the Lotus family. Pink lotus are reserved for the highest deities while the blue ones represent wisdom.

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Tibetan Thangka Painting
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