The Tranquil Face Of Lord Buddha

The Tranquil Face Of Lord Buddha

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A snatch of surreal images, the predominant one being the face of the Buddha. Down the panel at the centre of the composition, a serene brow descends into a handsome nose and a compassionate mouth. The hair gathered in miniscule curls against the wide-set temple. Half-shut eyes, and a composure so inimitably Buddha that it invokes an immediate calm and stillness in the heart of the devotee.

A school of pristine doves mid-flight flanks the princely face of the erstwhile Shakyamuni Siddhartha. Angular kundalas dangle from His lengthened, wisened earlobes. Precisely in line with the facial midline of the Buddha blooms a peachy pink lotus below the chin, integral to traditional Buddhist symbolism and iconography. The dreamy oil painting that you see on this page is no exception to the same.

The blue of the backdrop transitions into a more absorbing shade. Two monks sit with their hands folded in veneration, facing the Lord Buddha. They are clad in brilliant scarlet robes, which stand out vividly from the otherwise monotone, ashen colour palette. Semblances of the temple architecture of Sarnath are to be found on either side of the central panel, adding to the painting a world of breadth and depth.

Item Code: OW07
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Shrikant Nanasaheb Potdar
30 inch x 40 inch
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