Triumphant Lord Hanuman In Possession Of Mount Sanjeevani

Triumphant Lord Hanuman In Possession Of Mount Sanjeevani

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A yogi of the highest order, bhakti is the marga (path) of Lord Hanuman. The word ‘bhakti’, while often translated to devotion, denotes unconditional love; and there is no better word than bhakta, the one possessed of bhakti, to describe the swollen-jawed warrior. He plays a crucial role in the tale of Ramayana: from having been the one to discover Mother Seeta in Her captive state to being the only one who could and did revive Lakshmana, the dear brother of Lord Rama.

The watercolour that you see on this page depicts Lord Hanuman in possession of the precious Sanjeevani mount. Legend has it that He was unable to make out which of the herbs on the mount was actually the life-reviving Sanjeevani that the wounded Lakshmana needed, so He plucked the entire mountain and bore it back with Him to the army in Lanka. The left arm and the tail, with the bell tinkling at its end, are raised as if in triumph. The silks of red-and-gold and the bejewelled gold ornaments on His person are symbolic of His transcendental glory. His body is a solid green colour like the herbs tucked in the crevices of the mount.

This is a picture of superhuman strength and vigour. The background of a pale ivory-coloured sky brings out the glamour of the vibrant pastels in the foreground. Such a work of art is sure to add to the devotional aesthetics of your home or office.

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Item Code: PY66
Water Color Painting On Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
6.5 inch x 9.0 inch
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