Trying on New Bangles....

Trying on New Bangles....

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The princess is seated in a room full of warmth and compassion, spending the most comfortable time with her dasis where no one can disturb them and she doesn’t have to be dressed in her royal attires while in there. She seems to be fond of bangles, hence the two bangle sellers have come for her to try out new bangles. The bangle sellers are garbed in plain and simple lehengas of decent color combinations similar to the other dasis of the kingdom. The broad basket kept in front of them is fully loaded with bangles tied in sets of 12, in various colors of pink, yellow, orange, green, red etc.

Look keenly at the realistic expressions of each and every lady; the painter has used his utmost skills to portray the happy scene and the blissful feels with the help of their happy-to-go expressions and satisfying gestures. Princess is attired here in an elegant and simple deep yellow lehenga, decorated with a self-textured floral border. Although garbed in a yellow garment, but she prefers to buy red and golden combination bangles, because her lover (prince) likes this color of love ornamented on her. The sweet smile and sparkling eyes of the princess depict her fascination towards the bangles and the thought of her husband’s happiness on seeing them.

The walls of the room are painted in a setting golden brown shade with the picture of the prince riding his favourite horse explains his strength and victory. The dasi on the left corner has got water for the sellers as a welcoming gesture and the other two are discussing about the beautiful bangles that the princess adorns. The painter has used a soothing tone and shade of colors in this miniscule and the proficiency of his strokes is clearly visible by the clarity of the story behind the still scene.

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Item Code: OU19
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Kailash Raj
46 inch X 34 inch
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