Under The Jharokhas

Under The Jharokhas

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The medieval period in India was an eclectic one. An old way of life was slowly receding in the wake of an influence, one that found expression in architecture and attire and thought. The painting that you see on this page depicts a scene of the everyday of that era, a snatch of medieval times in the midst of a busy street.

A substantial jharokha dominates the upper third of the painting. Jharokha is the vernacular word for the kind of windows that could be found in the architecture of the Northwest. In fact, jharokhas are a dead giveaway of a building’s medieval construction and, as such, adds significantly to the subject of the composition. Beneath the row of windows is a characteristic downward-slanting carnice. A dairy trader has set up shop in its shade, much to the mercy of the inhabitants of the palatial structure.

In the unforgiving afternoon heat of the desert, a weary traveller passing through town stops at the dairy and alights from his camel for a cool, nourishing drink. He is clad in traditional Mughal garb, a white robe and turban. His outdoorsman, still astride the untiring beast on a seat of velvet, is in a uniform of white dhoti, ochre kameez (shirt), and matching hat. Both the men have luxuriant facial hair, groomed to the height of fashion. While the master is busy dealing with the small tradesman, the servant, seated high on the camel’s hump, looks straight into the jharokhas.

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Item Code: OV29
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
30 inch x 40 inch
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