A Unique Celebration of the Cosmic Couple

A Unique Celebration of the Cosmic Couple

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Oil on Canvas
Artist Giri Raj Sharma
2.8 feet x 3.8 feet
The love between Radha and Krishna provided the artist and the poet with a subject and thereon, he used his own imagination and fantasy to portray the two. Since it was a pan Indian phenomenon, local elements crept in.

Standing here with Radha, Krishna look very much the man of the world, mature, self-assured, cast in a given mould, but possessing no intimation of divinity. He has his hand on Radha's shoulder and she holds it there with her own. Parrot, a symbol of love rests upon the united hands of the two. With apparently Malyali facial features and body structure, the dress and ornaments also reflect that tradition. Like mentioned above, each part of India celebrated the loving couple adding their own elements. Krishna's head ornament is a derivative of the crown; the peacock feather unmistakably there. Exquisitely crafted ornaments adorn their bodies.

The left side of the canvas is devoted to heavy drapery, while the right opens to the outdoor. A fascinating play of reds, greens and yellows dominate the canvas.

This description by Renu Rana.

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