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Tibetan Buddhist Thangka Painting
1.0 ft x 1.3 ft
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100% Made in India
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Yoginis or Dakinis are an essential part of Vajrayana worship. Their visual representations show them typically as energetic female icons engaged in dynamic postures. On a symbolic level these images signify that the creative exuberence in nature is essentially feminine.

Vajrayogini is visualized as a red-colored sixteen year old girl, in the full bloom of her youth, radiantly beautiful, full of freshness and vitality. Her intense expression reflects her passionate nature. She has three eyes. Two eyes are the normal ones and the third eye lies at the center of her forehead. This eye symbolizes her ability to view the future in addition to the past and present.

Her right hand brandishes a curved flaying knife topped by a vajra, and in the left she holds a skull-cup filled with the swirling brains and entails of the enemies of the Dharma. The curved knife was the instrument used to annihilate these enemies.

Her left shoulder supports a staff known as the khatvanga. This represents her consort Chakrasamvara. This indicates that he and Vajrayogini are inseparable, whether he is explicitly presented together with her or not.

The Yogini's nudity demonstartes her freedom from ordinary conceptions and appearances, which bind us ordinary mortals. She wears a five-skull crown. These five skulls symbolize the first five perfections attanable on the Vajrayana path. These are:

1). Generosity
2). Discipline
3). Patience
4). Effort
5). Meditative Concentration

This thangka is framed in a silk dragon brocade in the typical Tibetan fashion, and includes a silken veil.

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