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The Wealthy Smoker

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The Wealthy Smoker
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Adorned with a blood-red Rajhistani pheta turban, the swarthy, chisel faced man smokes a cigarette with a cruel, curved moustache that compliments his grim expressions and bushy eyebrows outlining his brown complexion in this painting. His mustard yellow choga is festooned with bijou red and green Mala contrasting the background. His collar is displayed as if strangling his neck.

His wrists are graced with sparkling silver antiquely designed bangles and his finger stands out as it is embellished with a glittery platinum ring. His fingernails are finely cut combing with his overall look. The matching platinum-carved drop earrings are distinguished as they stick downwards.

Intense wrinkles dig down his still young face with the crooked nose finely setting over this surface. His coal black sideburns extends down his face. His heavy-volume, unkempt and curly hair peaks from under his Rajhistani pagri.

Gloominess and pleasure prevails simultaneously as he closes his eyes, with thick eyelashes resting over them, in peace inhaling the poisonous smoke hurting him deep down, as he is used to this pain that cringes down his soul. It portrays a sad and dark past as the wealthy man smokes away the melancholy and his forlorn history over a deep puff. Intense feelings cringe the heart of the observer with this heart-wrenching portrait.

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Item Code: OV81
Oil Painting on Canvas
36 inches x 48 inches
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