With One Nearly Reaching the Navel.....

With One Nearly Reaching the Navel.....

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Item Code: WL80
Water Color Painting on Cotton Fabric
13.5 inches X 18.5 inches
Irrespective of schools and style art exults in feminine beauty. She enjoys a place of pride in literature, painting, sculpture and other form of expression - her beauty is an inspiration.

A woman of incomparable beauty flexes her body and as she does she reveals every contour of her elegant body. The profile highlights her near perfect features. The eyes are not only beautifully shaped and intoxicating, but contain a deeper emotion. The shapely nose has a nostril pierce to hold a beaded nose ring; the apparently heavy earrings are held up by strings to cause minimum strain on the delicate lobes. The arms arise from shapely shoulders and taper down to narrow wrists adorned with bracelets; they rise above her head in a manner of stretching with interlocked fingers. The sharpness of her features and the curls escaping her tresses are reminiscent of the Kishangarh style. The fragility of her neck is ignored and it is laden with numerous pearl strings flowing down her curvaceous breasts with one carrying a heart pendant nearly reaching the navel . The short choli that she wears stretches tightly across her bosom as she lifts her arms. The odhini covers her head and falls down gracefully down her back.

The entire pictorial space is occupied by the graceful figure leaving no space for any element in the background.

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