10" Goddess Annapoorna In Brass

10" Goddess Annapoorna In Brass

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Adi Shankaracharya, the great Hindu Vedantic philosopher in his “Annapurna Strotram” evokes the great goddess, Mahadevi- who is a form of Devi Parvati, as one who is “abundant with food, possessed of the plenitude of edible stuff (anna purna)”. She is visualized as holding a ladle made of pure gold, which as a non-corroding material is a symbol of immortality and life itself. With the ladle, Annapurna or Annapurneshwari Maa serves her children the best of all food (parama anna). Maa Annapurna is the food grain, the provider of the grain, and the energy that one gains as a result of consuming the sweet milk-rice (Kheer), that the goddess ceaselessly serves mixed with her affection for all her children. 

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10.00 inch Height X 6.30 inch Width X 5.25 inch Depth
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The divine mother Annapurna in this brass statue resonates with her description in the Strotra by Adi Shankaracharya. Her splendor is said to be like a million suns, moons, and fire. She is adorned with jewelry of precious stones and gold, which add to the greatness of her godly aura. She is also known as “Kaashipuradhishwari” or the sovereign ruler of the city of Kaashi. Relaxingly sitting on a lotus platform, Maa Annapurna has a ladle and a bowl in her hand, appearing to be inviting her devotee to partake in the divine meal. Her physique is ethereal, her ornaments are queenly and her head is adorned with a conical crown that is placed atop the charming curls that frame her face. Her rounded breasts, full of the nectar of motherhood also underline her ability to nurture her children. Goddess Annapurna, as presented in this impressive brass murti is the divine mother goddess in her most affectionate and nurturing form, reminding us of the greatness of the mother that after bringing her child into the world, eternally nourishes and protects her so that she can walk the path of goodness with Shakti (a term used for energy as well as Devi) on her side. 

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