16" Tibetan Buddhist Healing Buddha With Herbs  (Medicine Buddha) In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

16" Tibetan Buddhist Healing Buddha With Herbs (Medicine Buddha) In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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Medicine Buddha is also popular as Bhaisajyaguru among his followers. It is believed that he is the first doctor or the supreme healer who can heal any illness with his medicine of teachings. He made the twelve great vows on achieving enlightenment and is often represented in a canonical Buddha form. In times of pain, sickness, stress, meditating Medicine Buddha Mantra is the best remedy. He is represented as seated here in his usual lotus posture, spreading the invisible aura of lapis-lazuli colored light, hence also revered as the Buddha of ‘pure lapis-lazuli’.

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Brass Statue With Inlay Work
16.20 inch Height X 13.00 inch Width x 9.50 inch Depth
11.60 kg

He holds a beautifully carved gallipot of medicine nectar in his right hand and left hand carries the stem of the Aruna fruit or Myrobalan, placed between his thumb and forefinger. In Tibetan Buddhism, patient is said to recite the Medicine Buddha mantra 108 times over a glass of water, which makes that water blessed by the power of mantra and the blessings of Buddha himself and the patient has to drink that water, repeating it each day until the illness is cured. The perfectly carved features of his face- sleek pointed nose, half open eyes, long eyebrows, long earlobes and slightly smiling lips are a great attraction to the eyes.

He is garbed in a robe, inlayed with multicolored reconstituted stones placed in small rings all over the field and a dual shaded border that goes through his shoulders, arms and legs in an elegant manner. The slight golden carved touch at his chest and the borders further highlights the charm. Worshiping this deity, is a perfect way for purification of karma and for healing the physical and mental illnesses.

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