18" Superfine The Royal Grandeur of Turbaned Ganesha In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

18" Superfine The Royal Grandeur of Turbaned Ganesha In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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This extremely lovable form of Lord Ganesha depicts him in his royal grandeur with the legs folded in utkutasana and the right ankle supporting his large portly belly. He is carved here in a simple four-armed figure, yet so uncommon and new in its visual effects. The superfine quality and noble lustre highlights his divine aura. Ganesha is the foremost deity worshipped in the entire Hindu pantheon before the start of any ritual ceremony; as also prescribed by Vishnu at the time of his birth, that no ritual would accomplish or bear fruits unless it first invoked Lord Ganesha. Marriage rituals have always been a priority among them.

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Brass Statue
18.70 inch Height X 16.70 inch Width x 9.00 inch Depth
20.20 kg

The baby Ganesha figure is lavishly ornamented in dual necklaces and similar designed bracelets and anklets beautifying his hands and legs. The loose fitted dhoti he wears is carved here in magnificent pleats that form as the legs are folded and the bare torso highlights the bordered stole hung across his shoulders. The rich, gorgeous and majestic turban that he wears on his head is a symbolic representation of Hindu marriage ritual, where the males (mostly from the bride’s side) are adorned with such a turban (pagdi) as identification and also out of respect. Zoom in to the precise layered carvings of this turban having etched thick striations and a small feather at the top.

Ganesha’s posterior hands hold his iconic weapons of destruction of evil and right anterior hand is postured in a blessing mudra while the left holds his favorite sweetmeat laddoo. The floral decorated trunk is ringed in a beautiful accessory and approaches the laddoo, representing his sweet tooth. The flappy ears generate a shiny resplendent view to the eyes, sculpted in stylized striations; divine eyes and the dark trident mark on forehead show realistic aspects of creation. This sumptuously carved Ganesha sculpture attracts the eyes because of its intense and clear carvings, glossy golden shade and realistic expressions and features of his iconography.

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