7" Murali Krishna Handheld Bell In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

7" Murali Krishna Handheld Bell In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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If one has ever seen the Hindu way of worshipping, he/she will know that it's filled with detailed steps and procedures. Many objects are required to complete the rituals and accomplish the purpose of Puja (worship). Barring devotion, almost everything else required for a Puja is material. One such thing which finds its place in almost every ritual is a handheld bell. Designed like the grand bells of the temples, these small-sized bells are rung during the Aarti (a ritual). It produces a very sweet and echoing sound, which has a very soothing and positive effect on the environment.

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Brass Statue
7 inch X 3 inch X 3 inch
580 gm

One can find bells of different designs and sizes in the market. The handheld bell being presented here is medium in size and made of pure brass. The brass metal and its medium size and weight enable it to produce sufficiently loud sounds. However, the most remarkable and unique feature of this bell lies in its design. The handheld portion of the bell is carved with none other than the supreme Lord Krishna himself. Playing his iconic Murali (flute), and standing in a very intimidating posture, the lord is looking out and out divine. The royal clothes, the flowing garland, the exquisite crown, everything is just making the lord even more glorious and enchanting. Lord Krishna is the very symbol of purity and devotion in Hinduism. Who could be better than the lord himself to grace the design of this bell? Among the many bells that are available, this bell is simply exceptional. The presence of Lord Krishna has made this bell something more than just a tool of ritual. That is why this beautiful handheld bell surely deserves a presence in your Puja Griha (the place for worship).

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