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The Ample Adornments Of Shivabhakta Nandi

The Ample Adornments Of Shivabhakta Nandi
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Nandi, the indispensable companion of Lord Shiva. He is a lone bull that stands guard at His master’s door (gatekeeper) and bears Him across the cosmos (vahana: Sanskrt for vehicle). With the strength and virility of a thousand ihalokiya (earthly) bulls, Nandi heads the Shivagana, the attendants of the Shaivite world. In this resplendent brass composition, Nandi the bull calf is seated with His legs tucked beneath Him as He looks out for His lord and master.

In keeping with His divine status, Nandi is dressed in a piece of silken fabric and adorned with ample gold ornaments. The adornments start on the back, go over the small hump, and winds around the neck in multiple layers. Zoom in on the same to appreciate the precision and symmetry with which the same have been sculpted against the taurine musculature. It is a hallmark of not only the skill of the artisan but also the shraddha prevailing in his heart.

A chunky taselled gold ornament sits on Nandi’s brow. Note the shapely horns that jut out from His head, and the smooth flaps of His ears on either side. The eyes have been carved with considerable definition - the miniscule serrations on the brow and the rim of the deep-set eye. An expression of bhakti (unconditional love) and longing characterises the eyes of Nandi.

Item Code: ZDX08
Brass Statue
37.5 inch Height x 64 inch Width x 28 inch Depth
122.7 Kg

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