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Bhagavan Rama

Silver Gold
Antique Green
Natural Brass
Bhagavan Rama

The supreme personality of godhead, Lord Shri Ramachandra is standing courageously. This form of Lord is known as 'Kodanda Rama'. Here we can see that the divine hands of Bhagwan are symbolising a passionate action. It depicts Shri Rama's act in Svayamvar procession which took place in Tretayuga (as mentioned in ancient historical scripture Ramayana).

This posture represents Shri Rama (an avatar of lord Vishnu) as the one who breaks the dhanush (Bow) named 'Pinaka' on the order of his Guru Shri Vishwamitra ji. As a result of breaking the bow, Rama Ji would be qualified to marry Shri Sita Devi Ji (Lord's eternal love) who is the daughter of King Janaka.

Besides the great depiction of diety's mood, one can easily notice the detailing done on the craft. Here's a Traditional Tirupati Crown placed on lord's head with a Vaishnav Tilak on forehead and a short and stunning dhoti tied on the waist with an add on decorative cloth hanging attached to the dhoti on both sides. As dear Rama is standing on an inverted lotus, he is all over adorned with transcendental jewels. The sharpness of this deity adds a highlight, and the Tarkas (quiver) on the right shoulder is totally matching up with the whole situation. Hence,the combination of tradition, culture, vaishnavism and art showcases this as a divine craft.

Item Code: ZEJ03
Brass Statue
6.8 inch Height x 3.8 inch Width x 2.4 inch Depth
0.9 kg

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