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Bhagawan Brahma - Large Size

Bhagawan Brahma - Large Size

Brahma is the golden embryo (Hiranyagarbha) or the ball of fire from which the universe develops. He is the creator of all that is, in the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He is also called as Prajapati or Pitamaha, representing the seed of the patriarch. He is said to have sprung from the lotus originating from the navel of Vishnu, hence he is the Nabhija (the navel born) and here shown as sitting on cross legged on a large blooming and spread out lotus and the sun shaped halo behind the three heads adds more to his powers and divinity.

This sculpture is sculpted with artists’ extreme care and essential time with the three heads symbolizing the varnas (divisions of society based on nature, nurture and vocation), covered with long beard and moustache beauteously patterned. The chaturbhuja is depicted as carrying different objects- Left hand has kurca (kusa grass) and right in a Mudra representing supreme soul and the patron of knowledge. Rear hands hold a book and rosary respectively. Kamandalu kept on the pedestal has the casual waters and rosary signifies time, whereas the kusa grass is one of the sacrificial implements adopted by creatures to sustain one another.

He is adorned with beautiful jewels and a kamarband, from where his pleated dhoti falls in a decent manner akin to the robe hung on his arms; the crown reminds of structures of the great temple tops. This magnificent and augmented sculpture of Brahma, the giver of all knowledge- arts, sciences and wisdom, is a great attraction and one of a kind.

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Item Code: ZEN190
Brass Statue
36.50 inch Height x 29.50 inch Width x 25.50 inch Depth
89.0 Kg.

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