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The Golden Glow Of Lord Pashupatinath

The Golden Glow Of Lord Pashupatinath
The glamour of Lord Pashupatinath lies in His omnipotence and omniscience. There He stands, tall and slender, on a pedestal of multiple tiers engraved with lotus petals. He is clad in a loose loincloth, His torso lain over with the finest adornments in gold and jewels. Beneath those, the lissome body of the Himalayan yogi has been sculpted with considerable perfection.

He is Lord Pashupatinath. ‘Pati’ and ‘nath’ are Sanskrt for lord and master, while the word ‘pashu’ stands for animal or earthly beings such as ourselves. The Pashupatinath-roopa of Lord Shiva is an expression of His role as the cosmic patriarch, the primary provider and protector and procreator of the cosmos. Note the wisdom and benevolence pouring forth from His face. It is the majesty of the Shivaroopa Lord Pashupatinath that this murti conveys.

Fashioned from bronze, it is a testimony to India’s rich bronze tradition, thriving to this day since the patronage of the art-loving Chola dynasty rulers. The finish is a glossy golden colour, unlike the usual earthy matte impression of your run-of-the-mill bronze murtis. A richly detailed crown - replete with the moon and other traditional impressions - towers over His head. This is the hallmark of a traditional Southern bronze composition.

Item Code: ZAJ92
Bronze Statue
9 inch x 4 inch x 3 inch
1 kg

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