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Brides of India - Nagaland

Brides of India - Nagaland

Nagaland is one of the smallest states of India. Its people believe only in gods of two dimensions, namely, god of creation and god of earth. It traditionally has a dominant agricultural tradition and its cultures and rituals are mostly based on that only. Ethnicity in Nagaland is a medley of various tribes and sub tribes living in the state itself. Earlier women formed the weaker sections of society, but now they are gradually beginning to participate in various aspects. Marriage in Nagaland is more of courtship than negotiation. Girls sleep in the house of an elderly woman, who was named, Zuki, to learn spinning, weaving, folklores and tales, manners etc. Women were expected to be obedient and humble. Naga people followed exogamous principle and endogamy was a serious crime, therefore marriage was done with parents’ consent.

Naga bride wears a quarter meter long, mechala, a red colored wrap around accompanied with a shawl having blue stripes. A same color band is tied on her waist, with its ends hanging down. The design of the shawl denotes the social statue of the wearer. It is a thick woolen cloth and a beautiful flower border is weaved with a white thread. Her ornaments are made of coral pieces with chunky bangles reminiscent of the age old wars and sacrifices. She has made a low bun resting on her neck at the back with white feathers attached to it, covering the head.

This paper machie doll of Naga bride is very artistically designed, with accurate curves, shape and lines. It is one of the rare pieces in terms of its beauty and sharpness.

Item Code: XE77
Papier Machie
15 inch Tall

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