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Veenadhari Devi Sarasvati With Two Swans At Her Feet

Veenadhari Devi Sarasvati With Two Swans At Her Feet
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The sublimely graceful Devi Sarasvati sits on a mound of rock in paraloka (otherworldly realm of existence). Clad in a densely embroidered dhoti, her legs are gathered in lalitasana. A pair of swans with golden beaks perch at her feet, regally arching their long necks back to glance up at their mistress. Wife of Brahma and the presiding deity over learning and the fine arts, Devi Sarasvati sits playing Her veena, a classical Indian musical instrument whose long, slender-stemmed body She cradles in Her anterior hands.The iconography of Devi Sarasvati is incomplete without a pothi, a manuscript of the Vedas, which She holds in Her left posterior hand. An unusual aureole, which keeps to the silhouette of Her chaturbhujadhari (four-armed) form and gathers at the zenith of Her ornate crown. Zoom in on the curvaceous, densely carved vines that substitute for a halo and take in the perfect symmetry and precision of the work. Beneath the glamour of that crown, framed by a mass of luxuriant hair, the face of Sarasvati pours forth with profound contemplation and bliss.

This murti is a fine example of the precision craftsmanship of India. The superb clarity in Her facial features. The lifelike proportions of Her form. The skilful adherence to Her textual iconography. The bitone colour palette features a deep moss-like green with overtones of scarlet, making for a formidably ethereal finish.

Item Code: ZEO937
7.60 inch Length X 4.50 inch Width X 15.40 inch Height
8.22 Kg.

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