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Ganesha Seated on His Rat Wearing a Leafy Crown

Ganesha Seated on His Rat Wearing a Leafy Crown

‘Ekadanta Dayavanta Charbhuja Dhari’

'Mathe Sindoor Sohe Moose ki Sawari’

This stanza has been taken from the world famous prayer (Arti) of Lord Sri Ganesha; looks like these lines have just got a form of an Artistic illustration.

Shri Ganesha resides on his eternal ride ‘Mooshak’(his pet mouse) and one interesting feature here is that here the Rat completely looks like a sawari (ride) as we can see through the mouse’ position, it just looks like he is walking while carrying his master on his back. Apart from this, this Chaturbhuja handed form of Ganapati is the source of all forms of Ganesha as it is widely worshipped and also holds the symbolic and spiritual importance. He holds an axe, a Trishula and enjoys a Laddoo from his trunk. He poses an abhaya mudra with his lower right hand.

The twisted trunked elephant faced Demigod wears a long and wide Cobra serpent on his tummy as well as a stunning dhoti on the waist and a ravishing ‘patka’ on the shoulders along with a heavy amount of ornaments which adds a spark in his transcendental personality. The eyes and the ears are the most gorgeous features here and the alluring aureole behind his peacock feathered golden crown which is comprised of Leafy and floral illustrations placed over his wide head while the forehead is marked with a Vaishnava Tilak. Here the unity between Ganesha and his Rat along with the attentiveness of Lord’s ride through his eyes is an eye catching experience for the viewer.

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Brass Statue
23.50 inch Height X 17.50 inch Width x 9.00 inch Depth
23.00 Kg.

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