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Ganesha Seated on His Vahana Rat

Ganesha Seated on His Vahana Rat

The triad of three great pillars of Hinduism, namely, Satgurus, Temples and Scriptures, together echo the greatness of the loving god Ganesha, the lord of dharma and the son of Siva. This wooden statue of Ganesha sits in utkutakasana on his sacred vehicle, rat (mooshak), standing on a curiously carved lotus pedestal. The black mouse carries him into the mind’s every nook and cranny, having laid a golden carved cloth on its back and a bell tied to the neck.

The lord of happy manifestation is decked up with red poster color, symbolic of his youthfulness and activeness and wears an orange colored self patterned vestment with parsley patches all over. The lambodara carries an ankusa to goad forward the slowly moving souls in his left rear hand and parasvadha (battleaxe) as a mind force in his right rear hand; left front hand holds the laddoo and right is in vitarka mudra; bedecked in 24 karat gold foil work, wears attractive jewels and has flower motifs all over the body. The trunk in valampuri pose has a special wreathing of flowers and petals. The marvelous golden crown has a three layered circular top and a complementing halo with a flower pattern at the back.

This supreme god is often worshipped with raktachandan (red sandalwood paste) or red flowers, because of his identification with red color.

Item Code: ZEN200
Wood Statue
9.20 inch Height x 5.70 inch Width x 4.20 inch Depth
0.7 Kg.

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