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Goddess Mahakali

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Goddess Mahakali
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Mahakali is the great darkness and also personifies the universal power of transformation, the transcendent power of time and the cosmic goddess who rules unchallenged over the entire universe. She is the feminized variant of Mahakal (her consort) and referred as Dasa Mahavidya Mahakali when depicted as dasamukhi (ten headed).

This brass statue, sculpted in absolute perfection, shows the wrathful goddess with ten arms and ten feet; each hand carries the different ritualistic objects and weapons, each of which represents the power of devas, implying that Mahakali is responsible for the powers of each of these deities. She stands on the body of Shiva, as Mahakali is the Shakti or the pure creation and Shiva represents pure consciousness which is inert. There is a saying that Shiva without Shakti is shava, which means that without the power of action, consciousness is inactive, this sculpture depicts the same.

Mahakali here, wears her iconic long garland of severed heads and an apron of human hand tied to her waist, with the tongue lolling out in embarrassment of not recognizing her husband because of her blood lust. The crowned head is shown with a large aureole at the back and each face is depicted with three eyes representing past, present and future.

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Brass Statue
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