The Irresistible Daivika Apsara

The Irresistible Daivika Apsara

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The Indian seductress is more than merely beautiful. While beauty is an integral aspect of her personality, her place in Indraloka (heaven of the Lord Indra) has sufficiently to do with her adeptness at music and dance. She is muse to the gandharvas, to devas and to mortals alike. The one you see on this page could be any of them - Tilottama or Urvashi or Ghitarchi - but she is definitely one of the daivika (otherworldly) apsaras, as opposed to her laukika (worldly) counterparts.

Her form is ethereal. She is tall; formed in the finest proportions of womanhood. Her long decolletage is overlain with a multitude of bejewelled necklaces. Streams of shringar make their way midway through her frontal protruding breasts, down her slender torso. Inches below the navel, right where her gracious hips take on a sharp, lateral curve to the waist, is tied a richly embroidered silk dhoti. It clings to the full, youthful musculature of her long legs, till midway through the calf. Anklets and bracelets she wears aplenty, the alluring sound of which as she moves lulls the devas in her company.

Zoom in on the face to appreciate the sharp, gorgeous features of the apsara. With long fingers she makes minor adjustments to her crown with one hand, as she strains to see its effect on the mirror she holds with the other.

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Brass Statue
39.7 inch Height x 13 inch Width x 11 inch Depth
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