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Kathakali Doll - Ravana

Kathakali Doll - Ravana

This classical form of Kathakali is a depiction of story play genre of art. It is a Hindu art form popular in the state of Kerala. The fierce hand movements are inclusive of martial arts and athletics. The loud expressions with traditional colorful makeup, costumes and face masks are its differentiating factors from other Indian classical dance forms. It is a long performance where an ancient story is playfully dramatized; performed mostly by male actors with the support of musicians. In this form of dance the dialogues are expressed with hand gestures (mudras) and face and eye movements; having the most elaborate costume and makeup that makes it easily identifiable. Colors applied on face are made from rice paste and vegetable colors.

This green colored face (pachcha makeup) represents the excellence or heroism of a warrior; vibrant red lips portray the noble characters like, Rama, Krishna, Shiva etc. Red moustache and black heavy eye makeup indicates the evil nature such as that of Ravana, therefore it is also called the Ravana form. White colored beard shows the divine being such as Hanuman. Face masks, head gears, big and vibrant costumes with enormous jewels accentuate the inner natures of the characters being played. There is a big charming multi layered and multi colored aureole at the back of a three layered big temple like crown. This doll wears a white colored dress with red and white stole wrapped around its neck. Long and open hairs represent their freedom and fierceness; holds a sword in the right hand and left hand has big nails symbolizing power and strength.

Item Code: ZAQ80
Papier Machie
18.5 inch Tall

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