Large Superfine Tibetan Buddha in the Cosmic Colors of Life and Death

Large Superfine Tibetan Buddha in the Cosmic Colors of Life and Death

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Buddha is revered as an extraordinary man by the people in Tibet, who attained enlightenment and taught the four noble truths and the eight-fold paths of life to his disciples. This large size marble sculpture of Lord Buddha is carved in extreme finesse with each of his features realistically highlighted. He sits here in a lotus posture on a beautifully carved floral pedestal. Notice the superfine patterns of his plinth adding to the divine beauty of Lord Buddha. As we know that every Buddhist mudra has individual importance of its own and every mudra has a meaning to say. The one carved in this marble sculpture has the left hand on Buddha’s laps with the thumb and index finger touching each other facing upwards and the right hand is held high in vitarka mudra with the circle formed, symbolizing the transmission of dharma and the teachings of truth.

Apart from its beauteous iconographic carvings, another exciting aspect is the wonderful display of the contrast of black and white colors. Having the deity being carved in a glossy black shade and is clothed elegantly in a pleated white robe. Having this large Buddha stone statue in your office or hotel entry points will not just be an attraction for the visitors but also accentuate an aura of divinity and calmness.

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25.50 inch Length X 14.00 inch Width X 36.00 inch Height
161 kg
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