Laughing Buddha as a Wealth Giver (Vastu Compliant)

Laughing Buddha as a Wealth Giver (Vastu Compliant)

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An accumulator of positive vibes and a symbol of happiness, Laughing Buddha is a giver of good luck, contentment and abundance. The sweet plum face with the ever-charming smile gives good vibes and fortune without any expectations. Every Laughing Buddha posture and accessory defines a different meaning and relieves you of your financial worries and a stress-free life. This brass Laughing Buddha sculpture stands in a carefree posture adorned in loose fitted robe. The sculptor has beautifully carved this loose robe that falls freely till the feet in realistically formed pleats and a thin chiselled border.

The big fat belly of this Laughing Buddha is symbolic of the prosperity and wealth that can be together with wisdom. It is said that if you rub the pot belly of this Buddha, it will bring good fortune, wealth and balance in life. He is embellished in a long beaded necklace having a stylized pendant etched with sacred Buddhist symbols. He holds a wo lu in the left hand as a sign to curb all bad energies and bring prosperity and longevity. Right hand carries a potly full of gold coins symbolic of him being a wealth giver.

The sculptor has carved this cheerful smile amazingly keeping all the other iconic features of Buddha intact. As per vastu, it is best advised to keep a wealth giver Laughing Buddha in the living room, with his belly facing the front door or on office desk for an excellent growth in the career. Never place a Laughing Buddha in kitchen or bathroom because they are considered to be inauspicious according to the Laughing Buddha vastu. The précised carvings and happy-to-go expressions reflect upon the professional skills aof the carver and the time taken to master this brass Laughing Buddha.

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8.00 inch Length X 5.00 inch Width X 9.00 inch Height
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