Lord Buddha Mask On a Wooden Base and Tree as a Backdrop

Lord Buddha Mask On a Wooden Base and Tree as a Backdrop

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This is majestic brass sculpture of Buddha mask having a wooden two layered circular, black pedestal. Buddha is the supreme deity for the people of Tibet. It is not just a head, it is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and truth. It is a protruding head symbolizing disconnection between body and mind also known as Boddhisatva. Buddha’s head is the focal point as it holds the secret to all the methods of enlightenment and symbolizes calm, composed and meditative character.

Buddha has a round, vibrant and youthful face. His meditating posture is evident from the half closed eyes. The sweet smile shows his calmness and satisfaction. Buddha has three eyes, third eye is on the forehead, just a little above the eyebrow junction. It is like a hairy dot showcasing generosity, ethical behavior and ability to be free from materialistic environment. His long ears exhibit alertness to the non-material and divine realities. He has small curly hair patterned as beautiful dots symbolizing ignorance and attainment of liberalization. The tiny oval top on the head is called Ushnisha. It is a gathering of his wavy hair epitomizing his spiritual power and the ideals preached. The brass tree behind, covering three sides of the head is emblematic of the Bodhi tree or Bodhi Fig Tree also known as Tree of Awakening. Gautam Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment under this tree. One more characteristic feature of Buddha is the lines on the neck. They are opined to be similar to that of a conch. Buddha’s voice is very sweet, holy and dreamy like that of a conch.

The structure of the idol is very serene and peaceful. Buddha’s presence in itself is a fortunate aspect. The glorious tree at the back is acting as a prominent addition to the beauty of the mask.

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Brass and Wood Statue
12.30 inch Height x 10.50 inch Width x 6.00 inch Depth
2.2 kg
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