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Lord Vishnu Handheld Bell

Super Antique
Alluring Silver
Double Chola
Natural Brass
Lord Vishnu Handheld Bell
Vishnu is one of the principle deities of Hinduism. His name means the 'all pervasive'. He is the preserver God, which means that he protects the universe from being destroyed and keeps it going. According to Hinduism, he has come to the Earth in nine avatars so far, with one yet to come. His most famous forms are Rama and Krishna.

The bewitching chimes of the divine bell, sets your soul on fire, with the fine polish that smoothes its surface, soothing human eyes too. The intricate design is available in a wide range of colors, that are beautifully breathtaking, with an alluring and amazing look, that displays delicacy and heavenliness, further enhanced by a miniature figurine of Vishnu that stands over it, to exhibit splendid virtuosity.

The fabulous sculpture is gracefully adorned with gleamingly-carved jewels and a cylindrical, handmade crown that towers the head of the smiling deity. His power is shown as he holds mallet-shaped, aureole-like structures in his hands that illuminate the aura, as the Lord blesses the Hindus with his other hand. His pleated trousers extend over an elegant waistband, along with a sharp sword and a spherical gada that hang down by his sides, while he stands on the raised podium. It turns out to be an exotic ornaments that blesses not only your ears but your decorations as well.

Item Code: XW53
Brass Statue
6.5 inch x 3 inch 3 inch
0.5 kg

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