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Myrobalan Buddha

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Myrobalan Buddha
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The very picture of contemplation. The Buddha steeped in profound samadhi is seated with a myrobalan twig in His gentle hand. The whole of the sprig is in the other, resting on the right knee in gyaana mudra. The myrobalan plant is the pivot of traditional Tibetan medicine, with curative, preventive, and anti-senescence properties. Added to the image of the calm, shut-eyed Buddha, it makes for a visualisation aid that is powerful and heals deep from the soul outwards.

The visualisation details that surround the dhyani (contemplative) deity are in keeping with traditional Buddha iconography. A gigantic lotus in full bloom whose petals open up under the Buddha’s padmasana. The hand poised gracefully where the heels meet below the navel. The lifelike drape of the robe He is clad in, and the stateliness of His princely shoulders. The conch-esque serrations on the neck, indicative of a placid voice, and the lengthened lobes of His wise ears.

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