Namaste Yoga Lady Idol with Inlay

Namaste Yoga Lady Idol with Inlay

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This is the brass statue of a lady sitting in Namaskar Mudra. It is the first asana to be performed before starting yoga, as a mark of respect. This mudra creates flexibility in the body, decreases anxiety, helps in giving peace of mind and provides spiritual growth.

Namaskar or Namaste is a form of greeting, for welcoming a guest or for adieu. It is symbolic of expressing gratitude, care, generosity, hospitality, honor and kindness. Joining hands in Namaste also means respecting one’s inner feelings and their spirituality. It increases humbleness by a thought that the person in front is superior.

In this sculpture, the young lady has her legs crossed and then stretched out straight. Her hair is tied up together in a high neat and tidy bun. Vertical lines on the hair are giving it a very realistic look. She is wearing a pink colored dress of reconstituted stones. It has perfect mix of two shades of pink. There is a beautiful multicolored circular patterned border and design. These colored stones give a three dimensional look to the sculpture. Pink color is creating a wonderful contrast with the color of the skin, making it glowy.

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