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Padmasana Buddha, The Aura Of His Tapa

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Padmasana Buddha, The Aura Of His Tapa
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A washed-out figure of the seated Buddha. His legs are in the perfect padmasana - heels touching each other directly below the navel, the body balanced upon the knees-and-hip trifecta. In the palm of His left hand resting on the lap is the almsbowl, integral to His years-long mendicant status. However, all that is behind Him now. His right hand is in the bhoomisparsha mudra, which means that He has just attained to Buddhahood and as such is calling upon the earth (bhoomi) with His touch (sparsha) for a witness.

Both areas of the composition - robe and bare skin - have the finish of weatherbeaten stone. It adds to the aura of severe tapa characteristic to the Shakyamuni Buddha. Zoom in on the chest and the slender and skilfully differentiated digits, the gold-bordered robe and the handsomely sculpted neck and face. A majestic brow like the soaring albatross, half-shut eyes, and a compassionate mouth. Progressively elongated earlobes adorned with kundalas, a sign of higher-order wisdom. Finally, the mass of curls on His head that gather in a small golden stoopa at the zenith.

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Item Code: ZDM49
Brass Statue
8.1 inch Height x 5.8 inch Width x 3.5 inch Depth
1.8 kg
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