Seated Parvati

Seated Parvati

Item Code: ZK51
Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
4.8 inch Height x 4 inch Width x 2.2 inch Depth
460 gm
The part played by the woman in the perpetuation of the species was not ignored by the Vedic seers. This had to be recognized in religion. Thus was born the concept of Devi, the Shakti or Aditi.

Lakshmi, or commonly known as Sri, is the wife of Vishnu and under various names appears in this relation in his various incarnations. Seated on a bhadrapitha pedestal (a rectangular pedestal with four short legs) in a padmasana mudra, she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Reflecting on her face is peace and serenity, signifying that where peace dwells, prosperity follows. The karandamukuta adds to her glory. She wears a saree, the end of which fall on either side of her body. She is adorned with multiple strings of necklaces, bangles, earring and a nose ring, jewellery that pales in front of the beauty of the goddess. Her two hands emanating from her shoulders hold fully bloomed lotus flowers. The lotus has much importance in Hindu pantheon. It symbolizes self-creation. Her right hand makes a gesture of 'fear not' or protection. The other hand makes a 'varada mudra' the hand pose that confers grace or boon.

Placing an image of Lakshmi at a trading place or a home is considered auspicious and it ensures bounty and wealth.

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