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The Splendour Of Ganesha, The Vahana Perched On The Aureole

The Splendour Of Ganesha, The Vahana Perched On The Aureole
Among the plethora of brass Ganesha murties being made by modern-day artisans, this one stands out. The finish is a regular-smooth, the rich inlay widely used for the charm of the colours. What sets this handpicked figure of Ganesha apart is the statement-making aureole. The rims of six blooming lotus petals flank the central figure, perfectly symmetrically defined with inlay. On either side of Ganesha's padmasana (lotus-throne) is a band of inlay, from which emerges a tiny lotus leaning downwards and a handful of buds down the stem. The top of the aureole is perched on the inlaid rim that constitutes Ganesha's halo, above which is a rudimentary brass lattice leading up to an extension of the top of the deity's crown. Above the lattice is a pair of rats, Ganesha's little vahanas, on either side of a plate piled with laddooes, their backs saddled with inlay and their little necks belled.

This elaborate aureole serves to bring out the flawless iconography of chaturbhuja Ganesha (four-armed). The adorable, tattooed trunk and large inlaid flaps for the ears; all four hands occupied by His signature elements, such as the bowlful of His favourite sweetmeats and the broken tusk with which He scribed the Mahabharata; and portly form that devotees dote over, replete with shringar fit for a king. The inlay has been strategically placed across the brass in keeping with high aesthetic standards. There is another of His vahanas at the unassuming pedestal, kept simple with a few inlaid inverted lotus petals to direct the focus to the aureole.

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Item Code: ZED05
Brass with Inlay Statue
12.9 inch Height x 10 inch Width x 2.8 inch Depth
4.7 kg

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